How Can Heart Meditation Change Your Life?

Through its practical content, this book allows you to experience a simple and accessible method that has transformed the lives and consciousness of millions of people.


« The method is an invitation to experience the simple practice that transformed my life and that of other practitioners around the world. Of course, no book can ever transform us. A book can teach us wisdom, but it cannot make us wise.

A book can give us knowledge, but it cannot make us experience its truth. That this book provides is a practical method that has helped many people to discover this truth for themselves »


« In this book you will find a simple presentation of the practices of heart meditation and different concepts and principles that inform them. It is aimed at both beginners and experienced practitioners and fits easily into our daily life. You will also find answers to questions frequently asked by newcomers. This book will be for you a companion, a reference and, I hope, a source of inspiration, even if reading it cannot replace the true understanding that only your practice will give you.

I therefore invite you now to discover the meditation of the heart. Your personal experience will show you to what extent these practices can change your life. How to make them come alive? By putting your interest and enthusiasm into it, these are the keys to your success! In this exciting journey, you are the object of the experience, the experimenter and the result of the experience at the same time. I hope you will be inspired by this result, all as I still am every day for forty years. »


"This book has transformed the lives and the consciousness of millions of people"

"I bought 2 copies to be able to lend it without having to part with it"

« The method also gave me some ideas to diversify my own practice and move forward in my quest to let go.r "

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