Meditate with us

The sessions are free and in the current context are done by zoom.
The group meditations are given in person in our Heartspots in Brussels, Huy, Namur and Rixensart.
They are led by certified trainers.

  1. Introductory sessions: Certified trainers will introduce you every Tuesday and Saturday @ 8 p.m. to free Heartfulness relaxation and meditation sessions. These sessions are for new practitioners and all are welcome to attend.
    Zoom link for participating in these sessions ☝🏻
    Meeting ID: 979 8868 1586
    Passcode: 283773

  2. Meditation sessions for practitioners are open for existing practitioners or to all who have followed at least two introductory sessions.

    International Day of Yoga a Meditation Workshop @ 8 pm CET on Monday 20, Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 of June

    Daily Meditation Program @ 6:30 am CET on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and @ 10 am on Saturday
    Zoom link for participating in this Daily Meditation Program sessions ☝🏻
    Meeting ID: 979 8868 1568
    Passcode: 283773

    Monday @ 7 am CET
    Tuesday @ 7:30 am and 5:30 pm CET
    Wednesday @ 7:30 pm CET (group meditation online and in the Heartspots in person)
    Thursday @ 7 am and 12:30 pm CET
    Friday @ 8 am CET
    Saturday @ 8 am and 9 am CET
    Sunday @ 8:30 am CET (group meditation online and in the Heartspots in person)
    The zoom link to join the above sessions ☝🏻

  3. Individual meditation sessions: Certified trainers are at your disposal for any question you might have or to conduct individual sessions on demand. Please contact us:

  4. Download the Hearts App: This free app will allow you to benefit from guided meditation sessions with certified trainers at any time.
    You will also find videos who will guide you to the Heartfulness practices and you will discover inspiring articles on lifestyle.

To participate in these sessions or to contact a trainer,
please subscribe or call to: +32 02 315 33 53


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