Create your destiny. A scientific approach to meditation


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What is the meaning of fate? Are our lives governed by an outside authority or are we free to choose our destiny? Kamlesh Patel addresses the theme of fate and free will by combining spirituality and the latest discoveries in genetics and neuroscience.
He invites us to experience the simple Heartfulness techniques ourselves and to discover the subtle change they induce and which gradually manifests itself in all aspects of our daily lives. Step by step, we learn to clarify and better direct our choices, to transform our relationships and to modify our way of life to create a more conscious and joyful existence.
By making us discover our potential, Kamlesh Patel encourages us to become actors of our destiny and thus to contribute to our collective destiny.

Born in Gujarat in 1956, Kamlesh Patel is the Spiritual Guide and International Heartfulness Leader. Passionate about the evolution of consciousness, he tirelessly shares his teaching – the fruit of decades of research in the field of spirituality – where he combines practical experience, philosophical reflection and recent scientific discoveries. 
His works are translated into many languages.

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