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The meditation of the heart, the method

Release date 29/04/2020
Publisher In Folio
Format 14cm x 21cm
Number of pages 222
ISBN-10 2884749829
ISBN-13 978-2884749824
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5 copies of the book (100€ instead of 110€)

During a rich and stimulating dialogue, Kamlesh Patel answers questions from Joshua Pollock. In a very direct style, he explains what meditation is, why meditate, and what makes “heart meditation” special.

Through its practical content, this book allows you to experience a simple and accessible method that has transformed the lives and consciousness of millions of people.

A method of meditation centered on the heart. Due to its very simple practice, it is aimed at both beginners and experienced practitioners and can easily be integrated into our daily lives. A simple method that has transformed the lives of millions of practitioners around the world.

Kamlesh Patel and Joshua Pollock explore the practice and principles of the Heartfulness Method.

Heart Meditation (The Method) consists of three parts.

The first examines the nature of spiritual research and demystifies meditation and yogic transmission.

The second presents the basic practices of heartfulnesssuch as meditation, cleansing or cleaning and prayer. It alternates basic knowledge and practical teaching. Each chapter ends with a step-by-step guide that outlines these simple practices.

The third part is a discussion of the invisible but vital role of guru to support us on our inner journey. Heartfulness is an invitation to experience a simple, life-transforming practice. What this book offers is an experiential method that has helped many people discover knowledge, wisdom for themselves.

We can look for spirituality in various places, but the Spiritual Source can never be found outside. It is a presence that can never be grasped, only felt. When we do it, it is with the heart that we feel it, because the heart is the organ of feeling. Practice heartfulness, is to seek the essence beyond the form. It is to seek the reality behind the ritual. It is to center oneself in the heart of one's heart and find there the true meaning and the true satisfaction.

ISBN-10 2884749829
ISBN-13 978-2884749824
Item Weight ‎440 g / 222 pages

“This book has transformed the lives and consciousness of millions of people”

“I bought 2 copies to be able to lend it without having to part with it”

"The method also gave me some ideas to diversify my own practice and move forward in my quest to let go"


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