A simple method accessible to all

Heartfulness (Heartfulness) is a simple method of relaxation and meditation to explore the subtle dimension of the heart and its transformative potential in our daily lives.

If you want to practice heart meditation, discover the 4 formulas (here)

It is open to everyone from 15 years old and does not require any prerequisite or particular posture. It is practiced by millions of people, in more than 160 countries around the world. According to many spiritual traditions, the heart is considered to be the center of man, the abode of love, the source of true knowledge, whether it is called the seat of the soul, the Self or our nature. deep.

Heartfulness practices nourish our essence, remove the veils that conceal it, and release that spark of childlike innocence and wonder that gives meaning to life. 

The practice of cleaning or regeneration frees us from the various mental and emotional tendencies that often dominate our life. This process is facilitated by yogic transmission (pranahuthi), literally “the life of life”, a vital, soft and subtle energy that touches the heart, clarifies and lightens its atmosphere by removing all that encumbers it. This is what makes Heartfulness so special. It is practiced by certified trainers who accompany you throughout this inner journey. 

Those who experience it often say that they feel the effect from their first session.

Gradually, our authentic nature is revealed. The mind calms down and becomes clearer.

By connecting with the wisdom of the heart, we find strength and courage. Our actions are adjusting. Our way of life is adapting. Our field of consciousness expands, realizing that everything we think and do leaves an imprint, both on our inner universe and on what surrounds us. 

Life is changing, the world is changing. 

If you want to practice heart meditation, discover the 4 formulas (here)

“The best meditation is one where we have no expectations, not even that of a meditative experience. If something happens, so much the better, otherwise it's good too ”

- Daaji -



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