A method to transform everyday life

Human existence has its share of challenges. The world we live in is chaotic. Constantly we have to adapt to changes in our environment.

In this context, where can we find the resources necessary to meet the physical, mental and emotional challenges that surround us? How to find the time, the tools to take care of yourself?

The answer comes when we look WITHIN. We sit down, relax and close our eyes. The breathing calms down, our attention turns inward.

We mark a pause, ignoring our thoughts and the ambient agitation. We are present to ourselves, to our inner world.

By bringing our attention to the source of light in our heart, we move from thinking to feeling and the heart becomes our compass.

This journey is facilitated by yogic transmission (pranahuthi), literally "the life of life”, a vital, soft and subtle energy which touches the heart, clarifies and lightens its atmosphere by evacuating all that encumbers it.

Imagine your mind as a window through which light passes. It needs to be regularly cleaned so that the light shines through. This is the essence of Heartfulness.

The Heartfulness method is based on essential values. It includes techniques for relaxation, meditation, regeneration (cleansing), self-reconnection and emotional management tools (stress, fear, anger, etc.) that gradually transform our daily lives.

The regular practice of this method promotes the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. We become more resilient in the face of the challenges of a changing world and develop more compassion, thus contributing to the advent of a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Heartfulness Relaxation
The cleaning stage