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"We are not just human beings learning to evolve spiritually, we are spiritual beings waking up in human form, learning to become fully human."

What is the life I would like to live?
We know what to do, we know the scientific value of it, and yet we find it difficult to apply certain practices or certain principles. We invite you to take perspective from where you are, to plan a strategy that is doable, rewarding and joyful, free from guilt.
What changes would I like to see materialize?
Together, let's put strategies in place to support these changes.
Let's start from where we are and create this momentum, this habit of action towards the possibilities that are offered to us.
You are all welcome at any time!
No prior registration.
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Are you looking for:

increased ability to concentrate,
better stress management,
better quality of sleep,
a strengthened immune system,
a clearer mind,
better quality of life?

How about meditating?

Heartfulness meditation is a simple method accessible to all whose regular practice brings you these qualities. It is part of an ancestral tradition that has proven itself, supported by scientific studies. Millions of people practice heart meditation in more than 130 countries contributing to the advent of a more peaceful and harmonious world. Like acquiring any other skill, meditation can be learned. Certified trainers accompany you: meditate with us!

Heartfulness practices are offered FREE.

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Centers in Brussels, Huy, Namur, Rixensart and Thuin.

Let's meet in our meditation centers to share a moment of peace, joy and well-being!

In Brussels @ The Library Group welcomes us all Sundays à 8h30 – Avenue de Broqueville 40 – Woluwe Saint Lambert.

More info for Huy, Namur, Thuin and Rixensart.

The Heartfulness book, the method

In a rich and stimulating dialogue, Kamlesh Patel answers questions from Joshua Pollock. In a very straightforward style, he explains what meditation is, why to meditate, and what makes “heart meditation” special.

Through its practical content, this book allows you to experience a simple and accessible method that has transformed the lives and consciousness of millions of people. More information ...

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Heartfulness practices are accessible to all and offered FREE. However any donation will allow other people to discover and benefit from the benefits of the Heartfulness method.

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